The Grey Wolf Spirit Hood Jacket: a bewitching look.

The jacket with a wolf on the back is a very eloquent illustration of the vigorous status of the grey wolf. This animal is a species of carnivorous mammal, which is part of the canid species. It is endowed with a beautiful gait and a very powerful morphology. It lives in a pack that follows a well-organized hierarchy and is led by the dominant couple: the Alpha wolves.

This beautiful jacket is perfect to express your passion for this totem animal and its lifestyle.


  • Hooded jacket: Thick and cozy.
  • Optimal comfort: The jacket made of fabric.
  • Closing: Reinforced outside zipper.
  • Machine washable: 30 degrees.
  • Composition: Organic cotton inside and polyester outside.
  • color: Black, Blue, Red, Dark Gray-Black, Dark Gray-Blue, Dark Red Blue.

🐺 Note: Please refer to size guide. the jacket fits quite small, for safety, the Wolf-Horde team advises you to take one size up.