The abstract wolf painting: a must-have decoration item

The abstract wolf painting highlights the austere and strict character of the wolf. It illustrates the sharp look of this wild animal which reveals its strength of character. Does this portrait captivate you? Then you can opt for this design wall painting to express your values through your decorative style.

You can considerably transform the decoration of your interior, thanks to this authentic wall decoration.

The abstract wolf painting: a new form of abstract art

Abstract art has a place of honor in the art world. It is an effective way to create unique works that purely convey the emotions of the artist. In this context, our wolf painting, will allow you to reveal your personality, through high definition prints that offer a pleasant and natural rendering.

In addition, its sober and fine colors will add a feeling of relaxation to your living space.


  • High Definition Printing of world reference
  • An "Ultra Light" weight offering an easy hanging
  • Composition : linen and cotton for a more resistant canvas
  • A wooden frame is available (variant "without the frame" = simple canvas ! )

๐Ÿบ Note: To know the measurements of each panel, please refer to our size guide by clicking here