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Husky figurine: a beautiful wild statuette

The husky figurine illustrates in all elegance the superb posture of this animal. The Husky is native to Siebria, the immense Russian province, located in northern Asia and which is known for its icy climate. It is a dog with a supple and refined look. It is distinguished by its thick and soft coat with straight hair of medium length, however, these origins remain rather vague.

Many people consider it to be the descendant of the sled dogs of the Chukchi Indians. Their legend claims that his birth was the result of the love between a wolf and the moon. That is why he kept the appearance of his father, and inherited the crescent-shaped tail from his mother.

Discover our collection of husky dog figurines.

Visit our e-shop to discover our husky figurines. We have designed this miniature with 2 colors: brown, gray. Enchant yourself with these elegant figurines, which you can use to decorate your child's room. Don't worry about their composition, because they are made of safe and healthy environmental materials.

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  • Enhanced finishes and details
  • Ages : 3 years and older
  • 2 colors available : Grey and Brown 
  • Composition PVC
  • Length: 17x5x13.5cm