Wolf Cap

Wolf cap : original design | Wolf-Horde-Blue-
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Werewolf cap | Wolf-Horde-White-
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Mighty Wolf Cap | Wolf-Horde-Military-
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Cap wolf woman | Wolf-Horde-Military-
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Cap wolf fenrir | Wolf-Horde-White-
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Blue trucker cap: classic design | Wolf-Horde-
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Military style cap: beautiful design | Wolf-Horde-Black-
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wolf trucker cap: casual look | Wolf-Horde-
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Original Trucker Cap | Wolf-Horde-Black-
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Impulsive wolf cap | Wolf-Horde-Military-
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The wolf cap is the headgear you can wear to express your admiration for the rigorous profile of the wolf in all elegance.

For winter, you can complete your look with a wolf cap.

Don't miss the opportunity to show off your passion and personality with this useful and modern accessory!

Our collection of Wolf Caps has been specially designed to affirm your belonging to the pack... with style.
Protect yourself from the sun all year round and complete your wild look to dominate the other alphas!

Whether you love it for its power, wisdom or beauty, you'll find the perfect wolf cap for a city walk or your nature outings in the mountains.

Cap woman wolf

Fashionable, elegant and timeless, it's the successful bet of the wolf cap for women! It allows you to display a personal wolf pack leader style all year round.

For a modern look, wear a baseball cap with a pretty husky logo in the color that highlights your complexion. It is also a very useful accessory to quickly and effortlessly style your hair on "Bad Hair Day" days.

To feminize a unisex cap with a wolf, you can choose a lighter color and a geometric embroidered wolf head.

Do you have a small face? Choose a baseball cut for a more harmonious look. Also assume a 100% masculine and trendy look with jeans, sneakers and an NBA style cap with an embroidered wolf.

Women generally have a head circumference between 55 and 59 cm.

Men's wolf cap

Affirming one's elegance and style is also a male discipline. Nowadays, the cap is no longer just worn on weekends or in the summer, but is a trendy accessory that can be worn for sports, nature outings or urban exploration. We recommend it especially if you plan an outing under a bright sun or if you want to perfect your style with a little extra that shows your passion.

In this case, opt for an adjustable and comfortable top hat like the Wolf Hip Hop Cap or a wolf military cap. The headgear with a mottled look and an embroidered wolf logo is also in fashion.

If you need breathability, then go for a wolf trucker cap that allows optimal ventilation of the scalp and limits perspiration in the summer.

In any case, it will be a must for an elegant and casual 100% wolf style.

Men generally have a head circumference between 56 and 61 cm.

Child wolf cap

The children's cap is an essential accessory to protect children's heads from the sun from a very young age and to avoid heat stroke. It is chosen with a curved visor to facilitate vision and protect the eyes from UV rays. The Animals Trucker caps and wolf head logos are particularly appreciated by teenagers for their design and the large choice of colors.

Here is the size guide for Cub Scout hats :

  • 2-3 years - 50 cm
  • 3-5 years - 51-53 cm
  • 5-7 years - 53-55 cm

From the age of 8 years old, you can choose a one-size cap with an adjustable strap.

Caps wolf animals on Wolf-Horde

In any season, display a unique style and carry high the values of the wolf with our collection of caps and hats with a wolf. A large choice of sizes, embroidered, printed or iron-on wolves and many colors allow you to find the wolf hat you need. We help you to choose your look by showing you the different models:


With a curved visor, this is the big trend of the moment. It is suitable for both men and women and comes in a multitude of colors.

It is mainly made of cotton and polyester to promote comfort even when worn all day long. The useful sportswear accessory to accompany a casual outfit.

Its advantages :

  • good eye protection
  • unisex cut - fits everyone
  • adjustable
  • comfortable fabric and cut
  • multisport


A curved visor at the front and a net at the back so you don't have to choose between protection and comfort. The front part is made of foam or cotton. Plain or two-tone, the back crown is made of mesh that allows permanent ventilation of the scalp. During the day, it gives you the look of a California wolf surfer. We love it.

Its advantages :

  • protects the eyes well
  • antiperspirant
  • adjustable
  • comfortable fabric and cut


These caps have flat, wide visors for a skater and urban look. Larger than the baseball cap, the flat cap is mainly for those who want to look good rather than protect their eyes. You can imagine an Alpha on his BMX racing through the forest with this khaki wolf camouflage logo cap! At night, it displays an eccentric streetwear side with for example the cap in black cotton and fluorescent paint.

Its advantages :

rather for men
urban look
suitable for large heads

Wolf-Horde, the love of the wildly beautiful

We are very proud to offer our new collection of wolf caps and bobs that will protect you from the first ray of sunshine.

In addition to our Sweats, T-shirt and wolf sweaters, we would like to quickly enrich our catalog with polo shirts, hats and pants that are not available in store.

Discover all our small prices, and don't hesitate to browse through our other collections to find the accessory or decoration that will be the centerpiece of your passion for canis lupus.

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You can pay by credit card or by Paypal, the payment is 100% secure, and your personal data are protected. If you have a question about our Wolf-Horde products, you can contact our team who will be happy to answer you quickly.

Finally, we want to put this wild and admirable animal back in its right place, but also to help the associations which militate for the protection of the wolf within wolf cap by giving them a percentage of your orders