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White wolf figurine: a pretty wild miniature

The white wolf figurine pleasantly refers to the beauty of the white wolf. It is a subspecies of the gray wolf, which inhabits the northern latitudes of North America. This place is characterized by its hostile climate and freezing temperatures. The wolf's thick and generous fur allows it to resist the cold weather. The white color of its coat is reminiscent of the snowy charm of its region.

The white wolf lives in a pack where life is very organized, and each member has a specific place. This troop is guided by the Alpha master and his female, the Alpha wolf. This couple retains the right to reproduce, he is the only one who holds this power.

Meet the majestic canine with the white wolf figurine.

Climb the snowy peaks of North America and scour their forests to find your totem animal: the white wolf. Visit our store to discover the other models of original figurines: Iberian wolf figurine, wolf figurine howling, black wolf figurine, in addition to others.

We have a wide choice of items with different colors. Please note, our products are made with environmental materials healthy, safe and can be offered to children from 3 years old.


  • Improved finishes and details
  • Ages : 3 years old and more
  • Composition : PVCT
  • Size : 20x6x13.5 cm
  • Delivery FREE!