The totem wolf gusset watch: an authentic precision object

The totem wolf gusset watch is the ideal clock for lovers of nature and wolf wildlife. The wolf is the totem animal revered by many fans, because of its robust character and resistance that allows it to survive in harsh climates. The wolf expresses several symbols: protection, dominance, courage, wisdom, ferocity, etc.

To this end, we offer a variety of clocks with stylishly designed cases and dials with different themes: Alpha wolf, white wolf, howling wolf and totem wolf. Enjoy and choose the watch that suits you.


  • Color: black/silver/bronze.
  • Composition: stainless steel.
  • Size: about 3.6 cm.
  • Thickness: about 1.2 cm.
  • Total length of the chain: about 80 cm.
  • Watch with a chain.
  • Sex: unisex.