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Reveal your ferocity through the Aggressive Wolf Tattoo.

The aggressive wolf tattoo is the design you need to show your rebellious character. This hostile tattoo represents 3 levels of aggressiveness, from the lowest to the highest level, through 3 representations of wolf heads. The lowest depicts a cruel wolf diffusing his anger through his furious gait. The highest head depicts a howling wolf with its mouth wide open, revealing its long, sharp fangs.

These three scary heads symbolize dominance, strength, power, and cruelty. If you feel these feelings, you can reflect them through this imposing tattoo.

Express the fire that bubbles up inside you through the aggressive wolf tattoo.

You are furious against a subject, a situation, or a community and your tattoos are the transmitters of your messages? Then, we propose you this unusual tattoo. Through its 3 atrocious figures of wolf heads with threatening and awful looks, you can express the storm of emotions that bubbles up in you. You can tattoo it on any part of your body, ideally on your bottom.


  • Easy application with a moistened sponge.
  • This tattoo can resist up to 5 days, if you take good care of it.
  • Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 21 cm.
  • A hypoallergenic tattoo and is done with 100% natural glue.
  • International Regulatory Requirements are preserved.
  • 100% free shipping.