Howling Anger Forest Wolf Head Necklace. Watch a howling wolf necklace in a style?

This necklace will be perfect for you! A sign of virility and masculinity, you will intimidate the people you will meet, who hasn't been impressed by the wolf?
No one has not been impressed by the wolf, this man's necklace with a howling wolf head will seduce you.
Similar to an amulet, you will be able to wear it every day on all occasions. an alpha man necklace for enthusiasts; Accompanied by a beautiful thick chain, this necklace will seduce you.

The quality and the precision of the details used to make it a remarkable object to wear on yourself. whether it is for you, for a family member, or a friend, it is the ideal gift for any forest lover or Viking wolf enthusiast.

Entirely handmade and made with premium steel to guarantee you a superior quality and durable object.

Additional information

  • Composition: High quality stainless steel
  • Includes chain: Length 60 cm and thickness of 3 cm
  • Dimension of the pendant: 47 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Inoxidizable, rustproof and anti-allergic.