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Enhance your personality with an Angry Wolf Hoodie

The wolf is a wild animal known for its determined gaze and fierce character. If you feel that your personality resembles this character, then you can show it by adopting the appropriate clothing style, such as the wolf hoodie. The wolf-furious look hoodie clearly represents the figure of a wolf, hard, robust, severe, furious...
The sharp, piercing look of the sparkling eyes that are drawn on this hoodie can highlight your personality.
Indeed, you can wear the cap of a serious person, energetic, courageous, confident, seasoned, attentive, ..., wearing the wolf hoodie.

The wolf hoodie: a warming garment This wolf hoodie gives off a strong feeling of warmth through its warm and dark colors. For a more eloquent look, you can cover your head with the hood of the hoodie, which is adjustable with a drawstring. Put your hands in the front pockets for more warmth.
The ultra expressive 3D print of the wolf's head is so expressive that the image can be described as real.

Additional information

Complete composition: polyester and cotton
Machine wash: temperature 30° maximum
High 3D print Définition

🐺 Note: Please refer to the size guide. The pullover fits quite small, for safety reasons, the WOLF HORDE team advises you to take one size up.