The devil's wolf patch: an aggressive pattern

The devil's wolf patch reveals the vigorous character of the person wearing it. Its imposing motif recalls the savagery of the werewolf. This mysterious mythical animal transforms itself, every full moon, into a cruel monstrous creature (half man, half wolf). This bloodthirsty lycanthrope spends its night devastating everything it encounters.

This totem animal has been demonized because of its fierce predator profile. This is perfectly illustrated by the aggressive pattern of this bold wolf badge. This thermo-adhesive patch is easily attached by ironing or sewing. Feel free to order it on our online store at the best price.


  • Patch embroidered which can be ironed or sewn on any type of clothing and accessories (Jacket, T-shirt, Sweat, Shirt, Pants, Dress, Hat, Backpack etc ...).
  • Handmade by our artisans.
  • Finishes and details neat.
  • Size: 17 cm x & nbsp;25 cm.