The black wolf backpack: a subtle design

The black wolf backpack has an attractive look with its deep and sober design. The 3D print of this backpack illustrates a black wolf howling under the crescent moon. The mysterious relationship between the communication ritual adopted by this wild animal and the moon has been interpreted in a thousand ways.

This relationship has given rise to several mythical inspirations, such as lycanthropy and especially the werewolf who transforms into a monstrous creature half-man, half-wolf, at full moon. If you are a fan of these enigmatic legends, this original binder is made for you.


  • Lightweight backpack with durable zippers.
  • Comfort of the back guaranteed, thanks to a foam lining.
  • Better protection for the shoulders, through air cushions.
  • Total waterproofness, thanks to the resistant Oxford fabric and Black Nylon.
  • High Quality 3D silkscreen printing.
  • Better resistance: this bag can support more than 30kg.
  • Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height: 29 x 16 x 42 cm.
  • 100% free shipping.