The Lunar Cry Wolf Patch: un badge chic

L'écusson loup cris lunaire is a chic badge that emphasizes the robustness of this totem animal, through a very chic embroidery. The howling of this nocturnal animal is often associated with the night and the moon. It is the means of exchange used by members of the pack to communicate with each other and to keep foreign wolves away from the clan.

This hand-embroidered wolf patch displays an authentic and very original look. It is ideal to camouflage a hole or customize a garment or accessory.


  • Embroidered patch that can be ironed or sewn on any type of clothing and accessories (Jacket, T-shirt, Sweat, Shirt, Pants, Dress, Hat, Backpack etc. ...).
  • Hand made by our artisans.
  • Finishes and details
  • Size: 6.8 cm.