Profile your bedroom decor with the Blue Wolf Bed Set

The Duvet Cover with Wolves describes a sublime picture of the wildlife of the Iberian wolf. The Iberian pack consists of five to six individuals. The master of the pack is always a male, and it is he who takes the reins of the group. In particular, it is he who gives the order to hunt or move around. He is called the Alpha male and his female is called the Alpha female. The hierarchy within the pack follows a strict and precise order, defined on the principle of domination-submission.

Does this life fascinate you? Then, express it through this unusual decorative ornament. It will give pep to your bedroom thanks to its ultra-speaking print. Its high quality will give the illusion that the printed wolves are real and they are present in your room... 

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The dominant color on this bedspread is blue. This color has a strong sedative effect that can lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, and enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is the color of choice for a bedroom.


  • Two pillowcases are available.
  • Soft and resistant for better comfort.
  • 3D HD Printed: Digital Printing Improved.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Washing machine: 30 degrees maximum with fast drying.
  • 100% free shipping.