The Dream Catcher Patch: an authentic Native American symbol

The wolf patch catches your dreams is an elegant badge that you can put on the back of your jacket. This original accessory is distinguished by a sober design and indigenous patterns related to the Native American culture. This people use the dreamcatcher as a spiritual guide that optimizes the well-being of its owner, whether asleep or awake. The dreamcatcher diffuses positive energies by absorbing negative waves and nightmares.

This powerful filter lets only the right atmosphere through. Take advantage of this refined wolf patch to add a touch of elegance to your clothing.


  • Embroidered patch that can be ironed or sewn on all types of clothing and accessories (Jacket, T-shirt, Sweat, Shirt, Pants, Dress, Hat, Backpack etc.).
  • Handmade by our craftsmen.
  • Finishes and details are carefully taken care of.
  • Size: 27 cm x 30 cm.