Fenrir Wolf Pendant, a Viking myth

Adopt the Fenrir wolf around your neck now. Fenrir is a famous mythical icon of Viking culture. Son of Loki, he is represented by his gigantic size and strength.

If you're like us, passionate about Nordic mythology and the history of Fenrir, this pendant is for you. You will appreciate the details of the monstrous wolf displayed on this pendant and in the background this ancient, mysterious Nordic symbol found on many runes today.

Pendant of Fenrir, the Eater of Gods

The engravings on this pendant were made with precision to best represent the animosity and monstrosity of the character of Fenrir.

Engraved on premium quality steel, stainless steel, anti-allergic, and whose color will not fade over time. wear now Fenrir, the god-eater, around your neck so that it brings you strength and power.


  • Composition : High quality stainless steel
  • Chain included : length 50 cm
  • Dimension of the pendant : 39 x 35 mm
  • Weight : 9 grams

Stainless steel, Rustproof and Anti-allergic.