Bring the atmosphere in your room to life with the Fire And Ice Wolf Bedding.

The wolf bed linen set pleasantly describes the confrontation between contradictory characters and attitudes, such as deep calm and extreme nervousness, serenity and anger, patience and impatience. The fiery print of this original cover is divided into two portraits.

The first one depicts a furious wolf howling in all aggressiveness and is drawn on a warm and brightly colored background. On the other hand, the second portrait depicts a relaxed wolf drawn on a light-colored background, pointing to a cold fire.

The fiery texture of this bedspread captivates the eye and warms up the atmosphere in the room.

Bring warmth to your room with the 3d bed linen set.

The high-definition 3D print of this modern bed linen set illuminates the interior of the room with its warm and cold flames. This clean look will accentuate the brightness of your decor and will bring a friendly touch to your room.

By putting you in bed, this comforter cover with wolves will cover you with comfort, thanks to its soft and supple fabric.


  • Two pillowcases are available.
  • Soft and resistant cover for better comfort.
  • 3D HD Printed: Enhanced Digital Printing.
  • 100% polyester.
  • Washing machine: 30 degrees maximum with fast drying.
  • 100% free shipping.