The Full Moon Wolf Tattoo: a splendid design.

The wolf howling at the moon tattoo is an artistic tattoo that embellishes the body with its creative touch. It uses an eccentric design and a nice mix of colors to illustrate the landscape of a wolf howling in the forest, in the shape of a wolf's head. This mysterious ritual is defined as a means of communication between the wolf and the other animals of its pack or to make foreign wolves move away from their territory.

The howling inspires fans of this totem animal and stimulates their escape and imagination. If you are part of this community, do not hesitate to try this nice tattoo, you will certainly be satisfied.


  • Easy application with a moistened sponge.
  • A tattoo that can resist up to 5 days (if you take good care of it).
  • Dimensions : 9.8*6cm. 
  • A hypoallergenic tattoo and is realized with 100% natural glue.
  • International Regulatory Requirements are preserved.
  • 100% free shipping.