The half wolf mask: a horror mask par excellence

The half wolf mask is the perfect accessory to liven up the atmosphere during a costume party or Halloween. Its mysterious design and its terrifying sharp fangs make it a horrible and violent mask. It is the guarantee of an unusual and original disguise that will distinguish you during the evening.

It is the moment to reveal the ferocious wolf inside you and to inherit its hard characters of aggressiveness, brutality and atrocity.

Distinguish yourself with the half mask wolf with an attractive design.

This breathable mask with a realistic design, will give you a unique and attractive look that illustrates the nastiness and ferocity of a wolf. You can put it on easily and conveniently, thanks to its soft and supple material.

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  • Hand-made mask.
  • Realistic and unique design.
  • Comfort assured, thanks to its composition in non-rough PVC material.
  • Practical and easy to wear.
  • Hand wash for a better durability.