The Mojo Wolf Backpack: a timeless style

The Gothic wolf spirit backpack features an eccentric rendering that fuses a skull and crossbones and the head of a wolf. This mysterious illustration evokes rebellion, disorder, emancipation from conventions and freedom. The person interested in the Gothic style claims his way of thinking and living, which is different from the common social codes, through the skull and crossbones sign.

Historically, this symbol was synonymous with imminent danger. For this reason, it was chosen to refer to the pirates of the sea and the road. If this style inspires you, this bag will certainly suit you.


  • Lightweight backpack with strong zippers.
  • Back comfort guaranteed, thanks to a foam lining.
  • Better protection for the shoulders, through air cushions.
  • Total waterproofness, thanks to the resistant Oxford fabric and Black Nylon.
  • 3D silkscreen printing High Quality.
  • Better resistance: this bag can support more than 30kg.
  • Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height: 29 x 16 x 42 cm.
  • 100% free shipping.