This Necklace Wolf Tooth is an ancestral symbol.

In the past, wolf teeth were used by hunters as trophies, but above all as a symbol of courage by allowing them to appropriate the offensive and defensive virtues of the animal. But it is the ancestral representation of this wolf tooth that was particularly strong. You too are wearing this magnificent gold-plated wolf tooth necklace.

Made with care in order to assure you very high quality and durable product.

The gold coating used was chosen for its resistance. There is no risk of chipping or discoloration of this magnificent necklace. the wolf tooth necklace, strength, and courage.

More than a simple wolf tooth, this one has been carefully engraved to give a cracked aspect to the fang. you will have the impression of having a real wolf tooth cast in gold around your neck. Designed in one piece with a resistant steel receptacle, this pendant is a symbol of courage, strength, but also of leader and leader. this manly wolf tooth necklace will appeal to all men.


  • Composition: High quality stainless steel, resistant gold coating
  • Chain included
  • Length 60 cm
  • Weight: 21 g
  • Stainless steel, rustproof and anti-allergic.