The night wolf backpack: an elegant satchel

The night wolf backpack has a splendid rendering for a wolf howling in the darkness. The howl is a means of communication between the members of a pack and it also serves to delimit their territory and inform foreign wolves that this area is occupied by their pack.

The high quality 3D print of this binder uses the power of neutral and dark colors to illustrate this portrait with a sober and aesthetic design.

Connect to a serene world full of passion by choosing this elegant and resistant bag.


  • Lightweight backpack with resistant zippers.
  • Back comfort guaranteed, thanks to a foam lining.
  • Better protection for the shoulders, through air cushions.
  • Total waterproofing, thanks to the resistant Oxford fabric and Black Nylon.
  • 3D silkscreen printing High Quality.
  • Better resistance: this bag can support more than 30kg.
  • Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height: 29 x 16 x 42 cm.
  • 100% free shipping.