The Silver Wolf Head Ring: A Majestic Reference to Final Fantasy

So to take care of your style starts from a good intention. It's always better to match your clothes with suitable accessories, not to say high-end jewelry.

You want the best jewelry in terms of value for money, then our proposals will delight you. We have for you: the silver wolf ring, moulded in a silver alloy,

An object not very expensive, but with the characteristics of exquisite jewelry.

Why choose the silver wolf head ring?

The rings are easy to use because of their small size. Some are suitable for all occasions, but others are not! They differ in weight, manufacturing materials, ornaments, ring head design and other details.

Some patterns, like the one on this silver wolf ring, characterize the personality of its owner. The majesty wolf ring comes from a silver alloy, hence the natural silver color that goes with it.

Let's not forget that silver is a precious metal that brings more value to the design of the ring that is here, a wolf's head, in reference to Final Fantasy. This ring will not fail to make you happy.


  • complémentaires:925 sterling silver
  • Tested and approved: No discomfort during its use
  • Finishes and details: Realization à la main à la main
  • Taille unique : 60mm of diameter
  • Sex: Homme et Femme
  • Couleur: Argentée
  • Poids: 18.5g

🐺 Note: If you have a doubt about the choice of size, refer to our Measurement Guide.