Reveal the wolf in you with the wolf mask disguise.

The wolf mask is an original disguise thanks to its nice design and its beautiful finish. The wolf represents, for a long time, the powerful animal honored by many peoples, like the Amerindians. This community worships him because it believes that it shares the same lifestyle with him and, above all, because it is fascinated by certain noble values that characterize him such as tenacity, courage, freedom, protection and his great attachment to his pack. If you are passionate about this powerful profile, this mask will suit you perfectly. The wolf mask disguise as a mask: a comfortable accessoryThis wolf mask is a very comfortable and easy to wear disguise accessory.

It assures you a better flexibility, considering its PVC composition.

Have fun and in complete freedom, as if you don't wear a mask.

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  • Hand-made mask.
  • Comfort assured.
  • Practical and easy to put on.
  • Hand wash for better durability.
  • Size: 19 * 8 cm.PVC composition.
  • Age category :Adults.
  • 2 colors: gold and silver.

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