Decorate your body with the Tattoo Wolf Howling.

The howling wolf tattoo is a true artistic portrait. It uses sober and soft colors that evoke serenity and peace. The howling is a language of communication between the wolf and his fellow-creatures. Also, it is a way to warn other wolves, who do not belong to the pack, that the ground is already occupied by their troop.

The wolf is one of the animals that attract attention for its beauty, ferocity, and interesting yet mysterious way of life. If this animal inspires you, then illustrate it through this aesthetic tattoo.

The howling wolf tattoo: the symbol of power

The portrait of the howling wolf symbolizes freedom and self-confidence. Many people adopt the wolf as their totem animal for the values it reflects: strong instincts, sharp mind, courage, and loyalty.

The howling wolf tattoo will allow you to express these qualities in all beauty, thanks to its original design.


  • Easy application with a moistened sponge.
  • Height: 18.2 cm.
  • A hypoallergenic tattoo and is done with 100% natural glue.
  • International Regulatory Requirements are preserved.
  • 100% free shipping.