Thor's Hammer Wolf Pendant. Did you know Valknut?

Composed of three interlocking triangles, it is the most mysterious symbol left by the Nordic ancestral peoples. This sacred sign created by Odin has still not found an explanation despite its presence on many engravings, however, it is believed to be associated with death.

On this superb pendant, you can see the sign Valknut engraved on the famous hammer of Thor (Mjöllnir), god of lightning and thunder.

You will understand that more than a simple Valknut pendant, this jewel tells a mystical and ancestral story present for thousands of years in the Viking universe.

This Valknut pendant is remarkable...

You will be seduced by this remarkable pendant shaped like a hammer! The wolves represented on both sides of the Valknut symbol and the engravings make it a seductive Viking jewel for men.

To match the pendant and allow you to wear it upon reception, we offer a silver color chain with a quality clasp. 


  • Composition: High quality stainless steel
  • Chain included: length 50 cm and 3mm thick
  • Pendant size: 36 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 7,11 g
  • Stainless steel, Rustproof and Anti-allergic