The Werewolf Mask: A telling representation of this monster

The Werewolf Mask is the ideal adornment for Halloween and other terrifying festivals. Indeed, this monstrous creature represents the most sought-after costume for Halloween. It's a human being who turns into a huge wolf on the full moon, combining the allure of both creatures: human and animal.

This ferocious creature of the night has a big mouth, cruel eyes and hooked teeth. It is a lover of fresh flesh, wandering at night hunting its prey, and devours the men and animals it meets in its path.

Become the scariest monster with the halloween werewolf mask

This costume is a true illustration of the horrible status of the werewolf. It covers the head with a polished mask and terrifying sharp teeth. This is why it is one of the most gruesome and sought-after Halloween monsters.

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  • Adult.Comfort.
  • Easy to wear and practical.
  • Hand washable for durability.
  • PVC composition.