Antique Torque bracelet

Admire this beautiful torque bracelet man / woman! The torque is basically a traditional necklace worn by the Celts during the Stone Age.

It was brought back to the taste of the day by the hippies in the 60s under various derivatives: bracelets, rings ... Coming straight from the Viking lands, it will fit perfectly on your wrist and will marry with everything, whatever your style!

You will be impressed by the fineness and details of the engravings that bring out all the charm of this antique and celtic style bracelet.

bronze and silver viking torque bracelet

Available in 2 different colors  Bronze or silver, both in an antique style!

On either side of the bracelet are engraved two beautiful Viking wolf heads as they were represented at the time.

This torque bracelet man / woman is made from a high quality stainless steel, guaranteed anti-allergic, anti-rust and without transformation over time.


  • Composition : High quality stainless steel
  • 2 colors : Bronze or Silver
  • Stainless, anti-rust, anti-allergic