Trendy Viking Wolf Bracelet

Fall under the charm of this leather bracelet with a unique and trendy look.

Its 2 smooth black leather bands meet around a sumptuous hook clasp.

All the beauty of this bracelet lies in this T-shaped clasp, where on each side you can admire a beautifully sculpted wolf's head. The details of this bracelet have been taken care of so that you can have the most detailed engraving.

Gold and silver wolf's head bracelet

This bracelet is a perfect combination of the deep black of a leather base and the clarity of this hook clasp with two wolf's heads.

For this bracelet you have the choice: gold or silver color? We are sure that among these two you will find the next one that will complement your style.

Enjoy a superior quality accessory with real leather and stainless steel, anti-allergic and durable.


  • Composition: High quality stainless steel / real leather
  • Length of the bracelet: 21.5 cm2
  • color choice: gold or silver
  • Stainless, rustproof, anti-allergic