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Go for this sublime Viking Wolf Head Ring - The mark of a Viking warrior

The Vikings were warriors of the first rank. To be part of a Viking fighting team, you had to have the mind of a true champion. Would you have had the courage to follow these famous men? If so, then this wolf's head ring will probably suit you.

It could have belonged to a Viking, because it inspires a fearless spirit. Add this men's ring to your jewelry collection and show your merit. If you like customizable rings, you've come to the right place, this is a stainless steel ring.

This steel has the particularity to resist to corrosion. Steel rings don't rust easily, you will be able to keep your jewelry for many months.

It is sometimes necessary to polish its pearl necklace, or its ring, but this is not the case for a stainless steel jewel. Stainless steel does not need much maintenance. The ring benefits from superb finishes. Even complex patterns could be represented.

Dominate like a king with the wolf's head ring in steel

Among the jewels for men, we find pearls, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Beyond the simple rings offered in jewelry stores, we find rings. These are often made of yellow gold or embellished with diamonds, but others are more fashionable, such as this wolf's head ring.

This is much more versatile than some rings. For example, you can't wear a gothic ring to an engagement, a viking is not afraid of anything. Our product is for men because it allows them to assert themselves without saying a word. Many customers have been satisfied, you can be the next.

The wolf head ring is silver color, it borrows the color of solid silver. Apart from the advantages of stainless steel, the ring also benefits from a fashionable color. Don't hesitate any longer, wearing this masterpiece is pleasant. Wear it at weddings, parties, and even birthdays.

The representation offers us the head of a wolf. The mane is so successful, that it would make us think of a lion's mane. The silvery look of the wolf finally completes the representation.

To accompany this jewel, you can put on a timeless white t-shirt and opt for a wolf sticker as a tattoo. A gold pendant is also a nice extra.


  • Steel ring stainless steel
  • Tested and approved: No discomfort during its use
  • Finishes and details: Hand made by hand.
  • Sex: Man
  • Color: Silver plated
  • Weight: 17.5g

๐Ÿบ Note: If you have any doubt about the choice of size, please refer to our Measurement Guide.