The Viking Wolf Pendant: The Necklace of the Greatest Warrior

The Viking Warrior Wolf Pendant is a powerful necklace inspired by Norse mythology. Its amulet combines the robustness of the wolf and the authenticity of the Valknut. This Germanic symbol pays homage to warriors who died in battle. It is associated with Father Odin: the father of the gods, who accompanies these venerated dead to Valhalla: the legendary edifice of the most valiant dead.

With its 3 intertwined triangles, the Valknut symbolizes water, fire, and earth: the main levels of nature.

This beautiful alliance gives a real feeling of calm and motivation to receive a day with a lot of energy. Become this over-powerful warrior-fauvist, who has immense strength, by adopting this Viking necklace.


  • Composition: Zinc alloy.
  • Color: silver.
  • Length of the chain: 60cm.
  • Weight: about 15g.
  • Sex: male.