The Werewolf Patch: an elegant embroidered piece

The werewolf patch reproduces the Greek myth corresponding to this legendary lycanthrope. This monster transforms periodically, at each full moon, into an anthropomorphic creature resembling the wolf (wolf man), a legendary animal that spends its night wandering the countryside until morning.

If you are passionate about this mythical animal and want to give a touch of authenticity to your garment or accessory, the werewolf patch is ideal to distinguish your piece with a refined style and perfectly finished.


  • Badge Characteristics : Badge embroidered which can be ironed or sewn on all types of clothing and accessories (Jacket, T-shirt, Sweat, Shirt, Pants, Dress, Hat, Backpack etc..).
  • Handmade by our craftsmen.
  • Finishes and details neat.
  • Size : 9 cm.