The Witcher Wolf Pendant: symbol of strength.

The wolf the witcher pendant is the ideal accessory for fans of The Witcher game; With the medallion of the wild wolf's head, you can feel the power of "Geralt de Riv...". (or Gwynbleidd), whose name means "white wolf". It is also known by the name of the "Butcher of Blaviken".

He is the main sorcerer of the saga "the witcher" who successfully passed the grass test and thanks to this, he was able to develop impressive physical and mental capacities. Wear this necklace of fierce witchcraft and show your power.


  • Composition: Zinc alloy.
  • Color: silver.
  • Length: 60 cm.
  • Size of the pendant: 4 x 5 cm.
  • Length: 54 cm.
  • Weight: about 15g.
  • Sex: man and woman.