Create your own colorful atmosphere with a wolf painting.

The wolf painting is an attractive decorative piece. It captivates the eye with its bright and warm colors. Moreover, the robust and powerful profile of the wolf drawn on this frame releases certain strong values like the hardness and the power of this animal. Its piercing gaze reflects its savagery and harshness. This portrait attracts the admiration of many wolf lovers.

If you are also concerned with this passion, then don't hesitate to reveal it in your interior decoration, especially by hanging an original wolf painting.

Embellish your living room with a triptych wolf painting 

To distinguish your decoration and bring your living room a brighter atmosphere, you can opt for this eccentric decorative piece. Its high quality HD rendering accentuates the effect of the warm colors used in the print. This crisp image is sure to shake up your decorative style and bring a dazzling and unique atmosphere.


  • High Definition Printing
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Composition: linen and cotton for a more resistant canvas
  • Wooden frame is available (variant "without the frame" = simple canvas)