The alpha master Wolf Coin Necklace: symbol of strength.

The alpha master wolf necklace is the ideal jewel for you if you are passionate about the wildlife of the pack. This wolf leader dominates the herd, in the company of his she-wolf. They are responsible for making all the important decisions regarding the survival of the pack, such as moving and hunting.

The Alpha wolf symbolizes freedom and ferocity.

The Alpha Wolf symbolizes freedom and ferocity. It is the powerful warrior who is committed to providing protection for the pack. Therefore, you can choose this pleasant collar to highlight the powerful status of your animal totem and transmit your values in all originality.


  • Composition: Zinc alloy.
  • Color: silver, gold.
  • Length  of the chain: 60cm.
  • Weight: about 20g.
  • Sex: male and female.