Wolf Comforter Set King: a telling illustration of wildlife.

The comforter cover set forest wolf is an aesthetic decorative ornament. It elegantly illustrates the beauty of the forest with its dark colors of green and black. The mix of these colors with white gives a pleasant effect that invites calm and relaxation.

The illustration of the forest and the wolves walking in it, in the form of a wolf's head, decorates the room with style and gives it a nice touch of originality.

Duvet cover forest animals: beautiful bed cover.

The High Definition print of this cover gives your bedroom a touch of style. The High Definition print of this comforter cover gives a touch of style to your bedroom. It will transport you to your favorite world and allows you to break the daily routine. Enchant yourself with the greenery of the forest and its calm atmosphere, thanks to this comforter cover animal of the forest. 


  • Two pillowcases offered
  • Resistant and softcover for better comfort.
  • 3D HD Printed
  • 100% polyester.
  • Washing machine: 30 degrees maximum with fast drying.
  • 100% Free Shipping.