The Love Wolf Design Fleece Blanket: a cover with an artistic design

The Wolf Design Fleece Blanket describes in an aesthetic way the love relationship between a wolf and its she-wolf. This original blanket is characterized by a magnificent design, integrating clean lines and luxurious patterns, which symbolize love and affection.

The black color of this blanket adds a touch of elegance, allowing you to decorate your bed or sofa in a chic way. In addition to the feelings of tenderness revealed by this blanket, it guarantees you to warm up together, under an ultra-soft blanket.


  • Flexible and resistant microfiber fabric.
  • 3D High Definition Printed.
  • Cold washable for durability.
  • 2 colors available: White and Black 
  • 4 sizes: 75 cm x 100 cm, 130 cm x 150 cm, 150 cm x 200 cm and 228 cm x 228 cm.