Wolf and cub figurine

This figurine is a cute representation of a wolf in company of her cub. These animals live in a pack of about 6 to 8 wolves and which is led by the dominant couple: the wolf and the Alpha wolf. They are the leaders of the troop and they monopolize the power of reproduction. The pack follows a well-defined hierarchy, where the Alpha couple occupies the highest position. The one-year-old wolves and cubs are at the bottom of the ladder.

This figurine designates the family and conveys noble values, such as a sense of protection, affection and learning.

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  • Improved finishes and details
  • Ages : 3 years and older
  • Composition : PVCT
  • wolf size : 10.5x2.5x4.5 cm
  • Wolf cub size : 4x1.5x3.5 cm