Little wolf figurine: the symbol of beauty of the snowy vastness of America

Little wolf figurine features the charm of the polar wolf. It is a subspecies of the canidae family, of the species Canis lupu. It is a carnivorous mammal that inhabits the northern part of North America, where the climate is very harsh. This superb white wolf is distinguished by its thick white fur, which allows it to resist against the freezing cold. Temperatures in this region are extreme and can drop as low as -60°C.

The white or arctic wolf is a social animal that lives in a pack of 5 to 10 canids led by the dominant Alpha couple. The latter monopolizes the right of reproduction. The pack follows a very strict hierarchy and its members are subject to special rules of respect.

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  • Enhanced finishes and details
  • Ages : 3 years and older
  • Composition : PVC
  • Length: 6cm