Embroidered iron-on name tag: the trend of the moment

The embroidered iron-on name tag is ideal to decorate the back of your outfit with an attractive lone wolf design. This totem animal captivates interest with its strength, intelligence, endurance and fighting spirit. This wild animal has gained the veneration of many peoples such as the Native American people who consider it an authentic spiritual guide.

If you admire the vigorous profile of this totem animal, then this badge is ideal for you. This original patch displays a subtle rendering of a ferocious and revolutionary wolf. This original badge has a subtle rendering for a ferocious and revolutionary wolf. Take the opportunity to create a unique look and express the power of your personality.


  • Badge embroidered that can be ironed or sewn on all types of clothes and accessories (Jacket, T-shirt, Sweat, Shirt, Pants, Dress, Hat, Backpack etc..).
  • Handmade by our artisans.
  • Finishes and details neat.
  • Size : 21 cm x 23 cm x 29 cm.