Wolf Necklace Obsidian, a pure rock of volcanic origin composed mainly of silica.

This stone is famous in the gemstone world for its protective properties. It allows you to protect yourself from the outside world, but also allows you to find a state of calm inside. It was therefore the ideal stone to accompany the wolf totem, a symbol of strength and courage.

You will appreciate the details of this beautiful head carved in relief that allows us to admire his gaze.

Necklace obsidian mysterious wolf

In order to proudly adorn this pendant around your neck, you can choose between 2 magnificent necklaces of Chinese styles that will go perfectly with the design of the obsidian: a black pearl necklace or a brown rope necklace.

Admire the quality of this beautiful wolf necklace as dark and pure as mysterious. It will know how to accompany you in your daily life, whatever your style.


  • Composition : Obsidian of high quality
  • Chain included : length 66 cm
  • Dimension of the pendant : 54.5 x 40.5 mm
  • Weight : 9 grams