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The evil pink wolf backpack: a mysterious design

The evil pink wolf backpack represents a symbol of strength. It illustrates the powerful portrait of a werewolf woman with a delicate design. The werewolf represents the enigmatic hero of the Nordic mythology and uses cold and deep colors to highlight the magical side of this legendary character.

The werewolf is the enigmatic hero of Nordic mythology and is an eloquent example of the phenomenon of lycanthropy, where the wolf turns into a gigantic and hostile creature on a full moon. If you're passionate about this mysterious myth, this backpack is for you. Comfort of the back guaranteed, thanks to a foam lining.


  • A better protection for the shoulders, through air cushions.
  • Total waterproofness, thanks to the resistant Oxford fabric and Black Nylon.
  • High Quality 3D silkscreen printing.
  • Better resistance: this bag can support more than 30kg.
  • Dimensions : Width x Depth x Height: 29 x 16 x 42 cm.
  • 100% free shipping.