The black and white wolf painting: a wall decoration with an elegant design

The black and white wolf painting gives an impression of relaxation, thanks to its sobriety and its refined design. Opting for the combination of black and white for interior decoration is a very popular choice. This duo of complementary colors is very harmonious and it allows you to bring a touch of refinement and softness to your living room. Indeed, white symbolizes light, purity and snow.

On the other hand, black reflects darkness, depth and elegance. So, don't hesitate to integrate this original wall frame, which fits perfectly with all other decorative styles.

Give cachet to your interior thanks to this decorative black and white wolf painting depicts a winter landscape and a bland rainy weather. It depicts a tree blown down by the wind and a wolf wandering around in the rain. This strong attitude conveys the values of power and resistance. So, enjoy it and create a unique and cozy atmosphere in your living room, thanks to this design wall painting.


  • A high quality printing of world reference
  • An "Ultra Light" weight
  • Composition : linen and cotton for a more resistant canvas
  • A wooden frame is available (variant "without the frame" = simple canvas ! )

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