Bring the wilderness into your home with a black wolf painting

The black wolf painting is a decorative frame with a simple design. It represents a black wolf that walks quietly on the snow. You like the winter weather and its calm atmosphere? You are passionate about wolves and especially the black breed? You can show it by decorating your special place with this design picture.

Decorate your interior in a different way with a black wolf printed on a board

This original decorative piece is distinguished by an optimal and clear rendering, thanks to its High Definition printing quality. The landscape represented by this decorative painting of a wolf wandering in freezing weather reflects a beautiful alliance between cold and robustness. The sharp gaze of this animal softens this feeling of coldness and spreads a feeling of resistance and endurance. Distinguish yourself and transform your interior decoration with this original decorative painting.


  • A High Definition Printing of world reference
  • A "Ultra Light" weight
  • Composition : linen and cotton for a more powerful canvas
  • A wooden frame is available (variant "without the frame" = simple canvas !)
  • 100% FREE SHIPPING !

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