The Colorful Wolf Painting: the sign of energy

The wolf painting high saturation expresses joy, freedom, dynamism, excitement and optimism, through its saturated colors. These intense and bright colors have a powerful impact on emotions and instantly attract attention. Through this delightful design, this decorative painting gives energy and creates a warm and vivid atmosphere in the room.

Give a touch of authenticity to your interior with this contemporary multi-panel painting. It is one of the undeniable decorative objects in the modern decoration. Don't delay to enjoy it at an adorable price on our e-shop.


  • High Definition Printing of world reference
  • A weight "Ultra Light "Composition : linen and cotton for a more powerful canvas
  • A wooden frame is available (variant "without the frame" = simple canvas ! )
  • 100% FREE SHIPPING !

๐Ÿบ Note: To know the measurements of each panel, please refer to our size guide by clicking here