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Contemporary decoration combines practicality and aesthetics. Its principle is to combine these two qualities in order to bring a zen atmosphere to the home and to obtain an interior that is both functional and comfortable.

For wolf lovers, it is quite possible to integrate their passion for this totem animal in the contemporary style, without spoiling its charm. It would be nice to exploit the ferocity and majesty of the powerful profile of this wild animal to accentuate the friendliness of the space.

In this article, we offer you some tips on how to successfully establish a modern wolf decor that respects the basics of contemporary decorating.

Adopt a pure style

Contemporary decorating favors simplicity and subtlety over an imposing and overloaded style. The rule is to be content with the little, but choose the good. In particular, it is more relevant to use sober colors, or to mix a maximum of 3 colors per room in order to create a pure and chic style.

To do this, it is interesting to dress the walls with minimalist wolf paintings or original wolf stickers, to give an irresistible look to your room.

Hang a black and white wolf painting


The combination of white (the color of purity, innocence and cleanliness) and black (often connoted as a symbol of sadness, austerity and despair) gives a modern and refined effect to the room.

White spreads sobriety and luminosity in the space. This is good because contemporary decorating favors objects that bring brightness to the room. White also gives more dimension to small spaces, so they seem more spacious.

Contrary to what is said, black allows to install a contemporary and elegant atmosphere. It is essential to give depth and character to the space.

This duo of complementary colors is inevitable to establish a minimalist and clean style in your interior. In addition, it allows you to reveal the wild side of nature, with an ultra fine and precise rendering.

So, if you are passionate about the harsh and rigorous character of the wolf, the geometric wolf painting is the best decorative item for you.

Put up wolf stickers


The wolf stickers are ideal to embellish your walls and create a zen decor. They allow you to add a touch of liveliness to the room by using ultra-eloquent design patterns.

You can use these wall stickers to invite wildlife into your home and express your infatuation with this interesting lifestyle. Notably, wolf paw stickersor full moon wolf stickers are examples of very symbolic wall stickers, which illustrate this world with fascinating design. They represent the ferocity of this hardened predator that spares no courage to defend its pack and ensure its survival.

You can opt for stickers with a minimalist style, designed entirely in black or with a mixture of black and light gray. These stickers easily fit into your decor and greatly contribute to enrich it, thanks to their sumptuous rendering.

Incorporate bright tones

Contemporary decor is all about clean lines to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. In order to invite good humor into your home, it is possible to incorporate flashy colors and glamorous shades into your modern decor.

Warm shades have a magical effect to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere in the space. So, it would be pertinent to opt for decorative items that incorporate these colors in their design, like wolf plaids.

Dress up your sofa with a wolf plaid




The wolf blanket is an ideal decorative accessory to enhance your sofa and surround you with softness during the cool nights.

The brightly colored blankets, such as a wolf plaid with a colorful head or a wolf plaid with a sunrise, are very elegant items that you can adopt to accentuate the chic side of your decoration.

These items use dynamic colors to bring out the charm and beauty of nature and to highlight the nobility of the wolf's profile, in all originality.

These decorative items incorporate warm hues like red, yellow and purple in their design that bring a pop of vibrancy and vitality to the space.

You can take a little rest, sitting on your couch and covering yourself with a cozy, designer wolf plaid. Not only will you enjoy the warmth and comfort of this set, but you can also escape in the company of your totem animal.

Design decorative objects are important components in creating an ultra-modern contemporary decor. To this end, we invite you to browse our products to find low-budget wolf deco objects that you can easily integrate into your decor.

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