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What Eats a Wolf

The wolf (or canis lupus) is a species of carnivorous mammal that belongs to the canidae family, like foxes and dogs. This rare species is protected in many countries because it is threatened with extinction.

The wolf is known for its resistance and its strong capacity of adaptation that allows it to live in environments with a harsh climate. It can live in high country, mountains, tundra, woods. It is found in several geographical areas: Europe, North America, Mongolia, Russia.

grey wolf looking back

Focus on the characteristics and life of the wolf

The wolf, this wild canid, is very similar to the domestic dog. In particular, the Husky is a breed of dog originating from Siberia, which is very similar to the dog. This pleasant species is distinguished by its beautiful appearance with straight ears, thick fur and a full tail.

The wolf: the wild animal with good looks

In general, this animal is characterized by a vigorous and muscular body, a large head with almond-shaped eyes that shine at night, triangular-shaped ears with black borders, which have a great captivity of sounds and a long tail. The coat of its thick fur stands up along its spine and can be of different colors: white, brown, ochre or red.

This robust animal has a highly developed sense of smell and strong night vision. In addition, each wolf has its own specific smell, which is produced by a gland located at the base of its tail. This is a way to identify each other.

running wolf

The wolf: a very sociable animal

The wolf is characterized by a highly developed sense of belonging to the group. They live in a pack and evolve within a clan composed of 6 to 12 individuals.

Packs are led by the dominant Alpha couple who occupy the position of leader. This couple is in charge of taking all the measures for the protection and survival of their pack. This reproductive couple reserves the right to reproduce once a year.

These wild animals have an unusual ritual, it is to howl at the moon, alone or with its congeners, in order to communicate together or to dissuade foreign wolves from crossing their territory.

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The wolf: a seasoned predator

The hunting rituals start from the autonomous. The wolf hunts in a group which allows it to hunt a larger prey. Indeed, the union makes the strength. They proceed as follows: they track their prey to a close distance to besiege it, then they attack it at lightning speed and kill it by biting its throat.

hungry wolf

Everything you need to know about the wolf's diet

Since the wolf hunts in groups, it can hunt medium to large prey such as: sheep, goats, pigs, reindeer, deer, seals, horses, bison, chamois, etc.

hungry wolf in a pack

What do wolves eat in the event of a food shortage?

In the case of a food shortage, wolves are satisfied with small prey such as: fish, frogs, reptiles, field mice, otters, hares, birds and they can sometimes eat a few plants and some wild fruits.

Is the wolf greedy?

This carnivorous animal can consume in one meal a quantity of 3 to 3.5 kilos of food. Therefore, it is not always easy to ensure a sufficient quantity of food for the whole pack. This is why wolves eat the entire prey when hunting large game.

In any case, wolves adapt their diet to the conditions of their wildlife: the region where they live, the season and the availability of prey.

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