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The wolf is an enigmatic animal whose connotations vary between positive and negative. On the one hand, it represents strength, resistance, freedom, intelligence and loyalty. On the other hand, it displays a totally different side that reveals its cruel, wild and hostile side.

The mysterious air of this wild animal has inspired a great number of legends, such as the Nordic mythology and its indomitable hero: the werewolf. This frightening character became a favorite motif in tattoos.

On the surface, this design symbolizes violence and brutality, but in reality, it embodies other deeper symbols.

So what is the meaning of the wolf tattoo? And why opt for the werewolf tattoo?

A little history of the werewolf

angry werewolf

The versions of the werewolf myth are numerous and vary according to the country. In particular, this legend is one of the oldest stories in Greek mythology and concerns men who metamorphose into gigantic wolves and cruel predators eager for blood.

The werewolf, also called "lycanthrope", exists in the writings of Herodotus, as early as the 5th century BC. These stories tell that the Greeks, who lived along the Black Sea, were able to transform themselves into wolves.

What is lycanthropy?

Lycanthropy remains an unsolved mysterious phenomenon, which may be due to exposure to the full moon, a bite from a werewolf or a wolf or a divine curse, as it was related in the legend of King Lycaon of Arcadia. This king was known for his contempt towards the gods, which caused Zeus and the other gods to take revenge on him, turning him into a werewolf.

The characteristics of the werewolf

This monstrous creature terrorized the medieval ancestors. It symbolizes violence and rebellion against them.

By day, this creature has a normal human figure. But, at the full moon, it transforms into a being that looks like half man, half wolf. This transformation was a real pain for this lycanthrope.

This monster is distinguished by a very developed sense of smell, a very strong hearing and a very good night vision. In addition to his superhuman strength, which merges the abilities of man and wolf. It has a large and horrible mouth, with hooked teeth, long sharp fangs and glaring and terrifying eyes.

This lycanthrope has an appetite for fresh flesh and devours any being that crosses its path: animal or human, with a preference for children.

The werewolf is a cruel character and a dark hero at the same time. For this reason, it has been adopted as a motif rich in symbols and very popular in wolf tattoos. In the next part, you will discover the reasons why people choose to get this unusual tattoo design.

Why choose the werewolf tattoo ?

The wolf tattoo: a strong symbolic power

The wolf always marks its presence as a powerful symbol in tattoos. In particular, the Native American people revere this wild animal and consider it as their totem animal, since it symbolizes intelligence, loyalty, family devotion, freedom and sharp instincts.

According to the Amerindians, this animal refers to a splendid universe that unites nature and spirituality. That is why they adopt it as their spiritual guide to help them understand the world around them in an instinctive way.

However, this majestic totem symbolizes another dark side, which reveals feelings of threat and vulnerability, sometimes excessive. This means that one is facing a critical and uncomfortable situation and that one must act to dispel it.

For these causes, we see the invention of various creative tattoo designs, such as: wolf head tattoo, aggressive trio tattoo, howling wolf tattoo, etc. They are very much in demand to express the alliance between the personality of the tattooed person and the profile of this animal.


The werewolf tattoo: a sign of strength

This mythical and versatile design represents the power, warrior mentality and persistence of this fierce creature. The scary side of this mythical animal gives a mysterious and at the same time attractive aspect to the design.

Tattoo ideas are multiplying and diversifying to illustrate the devastating force of this nocturnal animal, with originality. For example, there are minimalist tattoos representing a relentless wolf's head, with a wide open mouth, showing sharp fangs.

Other designs depict the whole look of the werewolf and add blood flowing between its claws and fangs, to emphasize its wild and carnivorous aspect. Other designs illustrate this creature in full transformation. For this, bright colors are used to make the drawing more expressive and realistic.


The werewolf design is an excellent choice for people who stand out with strong self-esteem and seek to assert their power to stand up to obstacles and continue their battle to get their desire.

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