The Alpha Wolf Painting: a true work of art

The Alpha alliance wolf painting is a decorative object full of design and charm. It illustrates a beautiful cloudy landscape of the forest, which brings together an Alpha couple in perfect harmony. This couple leader of the pack, dominates the troop and makes all decisions related to its survival. This elegant multi-panel painting is perfect for asserting your power and sense of leadership.

This splendid wall decoration is ideal for immersing yourself in the winter atmosphere of the forest and for bringing an atmosphere full of tenderness and softness to your home.


  • A World Reference High Definition Print
  • An "Ultra Lightweight "
  • Composition : linen and cotton for a more powerful canvas
  • Wood frame is available (variant "without the frame" = simple canvas !)
  • 100% FREE SHIPPING!!

๐Ÿบ Note: To know the measurements of each panel, please refer to our size guide by clicking here