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how to become a werewolf ritual
Being a werewolf brings many powers, but for that you need to know how to become one... I will reveal to you a ritual to become a werewolf.

1) The power of lycanthropy

Before we get into the rituals for becoming a werewolf, here is a list of some of the powers you can experience in a state of lycanthropy. The experience will be different for everyone, but here are some of the more common experiences.

  • Heightened Senses: In this state, one usually finds that all physical senses are heightened. Colors are more vivid. Sounds are sharper and clearer. You can detect smells that you could not detect in human form. Taste is richer (good and bad). Your skin becomes very sensitive to stimuli.
  • Increased physical prowess: In this state, one usually finds that they have increased agility and strength.
  • Increased libido: This is a major experience in lycanthropy. However, you must refrain from sex unless you have a willing partner of legal age who understands EXACTLY what is going on.

As for other powers/experiences, they will be different for everyone. So just live the experience, so to speak, and keep in mind that with power comes responsibility. The werewolf is no different.


2) A brief warning

Lycanthropy can be dangerous if misused. So I will now describe the conditions under which the transformation must take place to ensure its proper use.

1) Never use lycanthropy in anger, unless you are in a safe and uninhabited environment. This could cause a violent reaction, which will only make the situation worse.

2) Only use lycanthropy with people you trust and who fully understand what you are doing. However, it is best to use it alone, as this makes it easier to release without inhibition.

3) Only use lycanthropy in an appropriate environment, such as your own property, away from prying eyes. This will facilitate transformation and help keep police calls about "wild animals roaming the neighborhood" to an annoying rumble.

4) Don't let lycanthropy dominate your life. Obsession is a possibility, so you need to look at yourself from an objective observer's perspective from time to time. Treat lycanthropy as something special, and don't overdo it.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be fine. It's a fun experience, but you have to be careful because it can get dangerous fast. Again, I must repeat: neither the publisher nor I can be held responsible for the use or misuse of the theories and practices contained herein, nor for their misinterpretation.

3) Preliminary exercises

Before entering into the actual techniques for performing the transformation, there are 2 preliminary exercises that must be mastered. Spend one hour, 4 days a week (no more, no less), practicing these exercises. Do not proceed to the actual transformation until you have mastered these techniques (at least 2 weeks of practice). After your first transformation, it is suggested that you continue these exercises on your own schedule.


Position yourself to be as stable as possible (on a bed or sitting in a chair). Calm your breath by breathing more and more slowly and deeply. Close your eyes and imagine your body becoming that of a werewolf. See the transformation of your body. It is important that you experience this behind your eyes, that is, as if you were watching yourself transform from your normal perspective. Not from an observer's perspective. Visualize with as much detail as possible.


For this exercise, you must think and feel how you believe a werewolf would do it. Transform your consciousness into that of an animal. Experience your world through the eyes of a werewolf. Experience the urges and instincts of an animal.

After mastering these exercises and creating the proper environment, you are ready for transformation.

4) The Blueprint

You will find it extremely helpful to use a prop or costume in your lycanthropy practice. The costume will serve as a model for what you will become. I would recommend using our werewolf disguises or werewolf masks which are perfect for successful transformation. It will also be very helpful to use the same costume for each transformation. Be very careful and selective when creating your plan. For the more adventurous and experienced occultist, I would even recommend attaching a lycanthropic thought form or astral pattern to the costume, or on your skin. This can greatly facilitate the process. You can use the werewolf rings we sell on our site to facilitate the transformation.




5) The environment

In the practice of lycanthropy, it is essential to create the proper environment for the transformation. The following is an appropriate scheme to work with.

1) First of all, the environment must be safe from prying eyes and intruders (I pity the unsuspecting intruder who encounters the lycanthrope in the werewolf cycle).

2) The best environment is outdoors, in a natural forest environment (or the natural environment of your particular animal, if you don't choose the wolf). However, it is often difficult to get both of these elements at the same time. If you don't have that kind of environment near your home, I suggest doing it in your room with the door closed.

3) You may want to consider placing some food in your environment. I would recommend a plate of cooked meat like a steak. This appeals directly to a powerful primal urge.

4) Be thorough and inventive.

6) Other points of interest

In your lycanthropy practice, you may want to use elements of various occult thought systems to enhance the experience. Here are two suggestions:

A) Invocation:

You may wish to perform a ritual invocation of a deity or spirit to assist you in your work. For the divine form, I highly recommend Fenris from Norse mythology. (Speaking of Norse mythology, I must suggest that you also learn about the Berserkers. The Berserkers were special warriors who donned the skins of animals and fought with savage animal rage against all enemies).

B) The Moon:

You may want to time your transformations according to the lunar cycle. I have found this to be particularly effective in my practice of this art.

Of course, there are many other possibilities and avenues to explore. I have included them because they have proven effective. As with any magical art, imagination and experimentation are essential. So consider these instructions as a starting point for your exploration of this subject, not as the final word.


7) Performing the transformation

I will now give you a technique to transform yourself into a werewolf. You will probably need to practice and experiment a bit with the technique to fully perform the transformation. Perseverance is the key.

- The transformation -

1) Put on the animal costume.

2) Go to the designated area and find a comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Meditate on the qualities of the animal you wish to become. Visualize hunting, mating, etc. Become aware of your desire to be that animal, and let that desire grow in intensity.

3) Now look at the current stressors in your life and think about what it would be like if you could unburden yourself of the responsibilities of society and become that animal. Let the stress you feel fuel your desire to become the animal.

4) Visualize as intensely as possible, your chosen animal standing behind you. Seeing it, smelling it, and feeling it, you need to evoke this image strongly. When you can actually "feel" the creature, see it enter your body. (In this step you are creating an astral archetype, this is when the werewolf tattoo can be useful).

5) Now see your form become that of the animal. Visualize this as intensely as possible.

Will to become the animal.

6) Now take on the mind of the animal as in the exercises. Ignore all thoughts that are not those of an animal. Do not think in words, but rather in images and experiences.

Willingness to fully merge consciousness with the animal.

7) Once you have achieved a good degree of success, stand up and move like a werewolf (or your particular animal). Move exactly as you think a werewolf should move. Act like the animal, sniff the air, listen to the sounds around you, and search the dark corners and shadowy areas with a keen eye. Run, growl, howl, do what feels right. Become the animal in thought and action. If the moon is in sight, it can serve as a powerful focal point.

8) As you act like the animal, find the dominant emotion you are feeling and try to intensify it (If it is joy, then rejoice more fully in who you are becoming.)

9) When you are at the "peak" of this exercise (intense joy), feel yourself transforming completely. You are now the animal. You may notice that your body is changing. Again, this does not mean that you will grow fur and claws, but rather that your body will use itself in ways that you are not used to. This is a sign of great progress, you just have to go with it.

10) When you are ready to return to your normal human state, sit down and separate yourself from the animal. Take your normal consciousness, go eat something, take a nap and relax.

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There you have it! That was easy, wasn't it? Of course, it will get easier each time, but it was probably a lot easier than you thought. You now have a great gift, use it wisely. I recommend that you experiment with your own ideas. Be original, innovative and passionate with your lycanthropy application. It has been said before (and rightly so!), that there is no place for authority in the occult.

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