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what is a white wolf

If you are attracted by the noble profile of this wild animal, with its thick fleece and its enduring character, and you really want to know What is a White Wolf.We invite you to consult this article to discover more information about its life.

The white wolf, or Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos) is a carnivorous mammal that belongs to the subspecies of canidae (Canis lupus or gray wolf) which represents a breed of dogs and wolves.

white wolf

General information on the white wolf

The white wolf is mainly found in the northern regions of the Northern Hemisphere, such as northern Canada, Alaska, and the northern and eastern shores of Greenland. A few species are occasionally found in the south, notably in the Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta.

arctic map

This white wolf is a phenotype which is declined in these subspecies:

  • The Arctic wolf,
  • The Alaskan wolf,
  • The Alaskan tundra wolf,
  • The Baffin wolf,
  • The Newfoundland wolf (which does not exist anymore).

This animal has a powerful morphology that allows it to live in mountainous and snowy environments, where the temperature can reach -60°C.

The white wolf species is not protected, its population is estimated at 10,000 members. In particular, it is threatened because of its hunting by man to benefit from its fur. Indeed, man is the only predator of this wild animal.


The strengths of the white wolf

Each white wolf has its own sound, which can be heard over 8 km. In addition, this animal has a strong jaw, with sharp and pointed fangs, allowing it to tear its prey easily and quickly.

Another strong point that characterizes this animal is its very fast speed, which can reach 60 km/h.

white wolf running


White wolves are smaller in size compared to other wolves of its species. Their waist measures about 90 cm long, with a height between 65 and 80 cm. The size of the tail measures 30 cm. They weigh between 45 and 80 kg (for adults).

The white wolf is characterized by a light coat, white or cream. Its fur keeps its color all year long. It has shorter ears, a smaller muzzle and nose than the gray wolf.

The fur of this wild animal is very thick, to protect it from the harsh climate of its habitat. This fleece allows it to resist up to -70°C.

white wolf digging

Hunting and feeding

In extreme conditions, the diet of this carnivorous animal consists of birds and rodents. They also eat hares and lemmings. When hunting in packs, wolves attack large prey, such as muskox and caribou.

The white wolf has a powerful sense of smell, allowing it to intercept its prey at 500 meters. After capturing its prey, this predator kills it by biting its neck. This animal is so greedy, that it can devour the whole prey: flesh, bones and hair. It can eat from 1.5 to 2.5 kilos of meat per day.

In summer, it can be satisfied with feeding on mice and frogs.


Social life

Like its congeners, the Arctic wolf lives in a pack made up of about ten wolves and led by the leaders of the herd: the male and female wolves who form the Alpha couple. It is the dominant couple that is the only one to reproduce.

The pack occupies large territories that can extend over 3000 km², because of the precariousness of the prey.

white wolves pack


Sexual maturity is estimated at 2 to 3 years and gestation lasts about 2 months, after which the wolf gives birth to 1 to 5 cubs, between May and June. Mating takes place only once a year, due to the harsh climate which makes it difficult to raise the pups.

The cubs come into the world blind and deaf and they weigh about 400 to 500 gr. After 2 months, they become able to eat meat. Therefore, the other wolves can contribute to their rearing.


little white wolfs


The Arctic wolf uses mainly body signals in its communication, in addition to auditory signals such as howling. Howling is stated to :

  • Communicate with others in the pack, especially if they are scattered throughout their territory.
  • Protect their area from foreign intrusion.

Like its analogues of the gray wolf species, the white wolf is characterized by the intelligence and strength necessary to defend its survival and existence and to persist in the face of harsh climatic conditions.

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